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ClimaTax Scheme


  1. All fossil fuels (oil/gas/coal) and other climate-active substances (SF6, HCFPs, etc) are taxed

  1. The climate tax is levied at the same rate per ton of CO2, EVERYHWERE. Globally.

  1. The tax is gradually introduced to allow the economy to adjust. The tax starts at U$100/tCO2eq in Year, increasing by U$100 every year to a maximum of U$ 1500/tCO2e by Year 15

  1. The tax is levied AND redistributed at country level, at the point of emissions (point of sale to the end-consumer, similar to VAT)

  1. ALL tax revenues are redistributed, completely fiscal neutral

    1. 50% as cash-back directly to each individual, re-distributed regressively (low-income brackets receive higher cash-back) to balance the temporarily increasing energy bill
    2. 40% for building renewable energy infrastructure (excluding nuclear, bio-fuels and carbon capture technologies), public transport, and the replacement of fossil-fueld appliances
    3. 7% for re-forestation, information, R&D, and mitigation
    4. 3% into a global fund in support of the most affected and the least developed nations

  1. Agriculture contributes 15-25% of global GHG emissions. Meat and dairy products therefore need to be taxed according to their associated CO2e emissions

  1. Countries that do not participate in a global climate tax scheme are taxed a flat import tariff of at least 30% on all imports. These tariffs will be redistributed to the population as cash-back.