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ClimaTax Emission Reductions

Real-Zero by 2035

Revenues generated through a global climate tax, re-invested at 40% into buiding a renewable energy infrastructure, lead to real-zero GHG emissions between 2032 amd 2037.

The rate of reduction depends on the tax levied per ton of CO2 equivalent

ClimaTax emission reductions

Climate Tax per ton of CO2 equivalent

Climate Tax per ton of CO2 equivalent leading to the above scenarios.
Considering all impacts, including economic impacts, the “hard” scenario seems to be the most feasible.

Climate Tax per ton of CO2 equivalent

Climate Tax Energy Mix

ClimaTax primary energy consumption

Energy Mix Carbon Tax

Under the Global Climate Tax scheme, the energy mix will be purely renewable after 2035.

The drop in PRIMARY energy usage is explained by the much higher efficiency rate of electric appliances (close to 100%) vs. the efficiency rate of fossil-powered appliances (~35%), limited by the laws of thermo-physics  .

The end-user will have the same energy END-USER CONSUMPTION at his disposal than before. Only much cheaper.

Business-as-usual  primary energy consumption

Business-as-usual energy mix

While the installation of renewable energy is expecte3d to rise significantely due to the significantely lower cost of renewables, the energy mix will remain dominated by fossil fuels for the foreseeable future without significant market intervention.