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Changing Climate Change

The Global Climate Tax scheme simulation

The Climate Tax scheme is based on the analysis of different scenarios, focusing on the economic feasibility and the impacts on GHG reductions. It was found that a global climate tax is the most efficient path to rapidly reduce GHG emissions while maintaining development for all. The ClimaTay simulation was conducted by SolAbility Sustainable Intelligence, based on the latest available data in 2023.

Download the executive summary: Executive Summary (PDF, 16 pages, English)

ClimateTax in a nutshell

A simple and short explanation:
Global Climate Tax Teaser (desktop)
Global Climate Tax Teaser (mobil)

Download the tax statement: Climate Tax Statement (PDF, 2 pages, English)

For those interested in the details – download the full feasibility evaluation and calculation report: Changing Climate Change (PDF, 53 pages, English)
Note: this report was first published in 2019, based on data to 2018.