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Yes - We Can

What can YOU do?

Global Warming is a global problem. A political problem. As individuals, there is not much we can do. But that little can be a lot – the impact is not linear with the number of people, but rising exponentially. Concrete actions include (but are not limited too):

Spread the Word

Too many people are not aware of the emergency we are in.
Too many people are not aware of the simplicity and economic benefits of the solutions. It is a win-win.

Please – help spreading the Word.


We have started a petition in Switzerland to presssure the government to push for a global climate tax. There are many of us, Worldwide.

Please – start or sign a petition in your country.


Write, call politicians.
Write and lobby the CEOs and Boards of news organisations – coverage of global warming is far from where it should be.
Write and lobby the CEO’s of the financial industries that are still supporting fossil fuels.


The pressure of the students and people on the streets has significantly altered the discussion.

Keep marching!


Global Warming is physics. Physics is not political. Politicians who deny physics or refuse to act on the climate challenges are not fit for office. 

Vote them out.


Forgoe beef and diaries as much as you can. Fly less. Drive electric; install PVs and a heat-pump if you can afford it.
Don’t feel bad if you can’t – global warming is not individual responsibility. It is a political problem.

The Climate Tax will help you with this.

Allow Anxiety

Global Warming is scarry. If we don’t do something big, quick, it is going to be the collaps and end of society as we know it.

Talk to people. Connect. Join a climate group. You are not alone.

Civil disobedience
If politics refuses to act, acts of civil disobedience might be necessary. However, such actions always (always!) need to be non-violent and peaceful.
We thank you for your courage.
The Corporate World

Business needs a stable environment to operate. Global Warming is the contrary of stability. Except for the fossil industry, businesses will profit from a climate tax, and from a rapid energy transition: lower energy costs, less volatility, more innovation.

What can you do?

  • Spread the word

    Most people seem unaware of the emergency we are in, and how fast terrifying scenarios are approaching. most people are also unaware of the solutions, and how simple and cheap they are:  we already have the technology. Transitioning to a renewable World will lead to better nature, lower costs, better and more jobs. To finance the transition: a global climate tax.
    Spread the word!

  • Connect

    Talk to people. It cannot be that people do not talk about challenges because the scenarios are frightening. Yes, the climate scenarios we are facing if we fail in a rapid transition are terrifying. So let’s talk about it. You are not alone. We do have the solutions. win-win solutions for the economy and our planet. We only need to implement them. And to finance them.

  • March

    The pressure of the students on the streets already has significantly altered the discussion. Keep marching

  • Petition

    On- and off-line petitions are of course not legally binding. However, large number of signatories to climate-related petition do send a signal. The Higher the number of course, the louder the signal. Especially if there are petitions in every country of this World. Templates for such a petition are available here in English and German

  • Lobby

    Politicians are elected/selected to implement policies that benefit the future of their respective countries and their populations. They are obliged to listen. They have to understand the urgency. Call, email, and write letters. And yes, write good old-fashioned letters on paper. There is nothing more powerful than millions of letters.

  • Vote

    Science is not political – it’s not left or right or conservative or liberal, or whatever. It is science. Climate is physics, it is not a political agenda at all. People who deny science and refuse to face challenges are not fit for office. Vote them out.

  • Lobby businesses

    The fossil industry is still getting way too much money from the financial markets. Lobby banks, insurance companies, and the executives, boards and shareholders of fossil businesses and their backers in the financial industry. Call, email, write.

  • Life-style

    Don’t eat beef, try to cut down on diary products. Fly less, drive less. Take an electric car, if you can, install PV an a heat pump if you can afford. Buy and eat organic, if you can afford it.  Don’t buy stuff you know you’ll throw away after a year (or 2, or 3). It is healthier for yourself and the planet.
    If you are unable or unwilling to do that, don’t feel horrible. Climate change is not individual responsibility, it is not your responsibility.
    It is common human responsibility, and as such the responsibility of politicians (the “law-makers”), who set the rules in which we and businesses operate. Luckily, there is a way that can marry our life-style with the needs of the planet: a global climate tax.
    Please – spread the word. Get friends, family, aquantacies to sign a petition.

  • Civil disobedience

    If politics refuses to act, small acts of civil disobedience might be necessary for politicians to finally grasp the urgency. However, such actions always always always need to be non-violent and peaceful.