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A little can be a lot

Climate Change is a global problem. It is a political problem – and this is where it has to be solved. Politically, on the global level.
What we can do as individual is limited. However – that little can be quite a bit.

The barriers towards a global political solution include:

  • Lack of awareness of the state of global heating
  • Lack of coverage of global warming, in the media in general and social media in particular
  • Lack of political will
  • Lack of business foresight and engagement
  • Lack of awareness of the opportunities associated with a rapid energy transition

All of these barriers we can address as individuals within our own little World – in your own big World:

  • Talk to people. Increase awareness. Everywhere. All the time. We are all in the same boat.
  • Write to the Executives and the Boards of media companies, demanding more coverage on climate change
  • Lobby the executives and boards of social media companies. It would be easy for them to tweak their algorithms to show more climate change related content in everybody’s feed.
  • Lobby politicians. Write, e-mail, call. It is time they show the courage they have been elected for.
  • Global warming is bad for business, and except for the owners of big oil, a rapid energy transformation would be highly beneficial for business. Lobby the executives of every company you can think of to become vocal for the energy transition


Climate Change is here. It can be overwhelming, and people might see you as spoiling the mood with difficulties that we would prefer to ignore. However, we are all in the same boat, and deep down we al know. Talking about it – including talking about fear and anxiety – does help.

Raising public awareness

One of the reasons of the low public awareness is the media: Climate Change still does not get the media attention it should – not in the conventional media, let alone in social media. Global warming should be on the front page of every paper and TV-Show, every day.

  • Classic media: Contact your local newspaper, TV or radio station. Going in on the top is usually more effective: email, write or message directly to the CEO, and the oversight Board of the company. Ou will find their names on the website; you can write a traditional letter, or email ( is usually a good start). If twitter, insta, tik-tok etc. is your thing, send them direct messages or tag them. Post on their facebook page demanding real coverage of climate change. Remember – the scientific consensus of causes and effects of climate change is 99.9%.
  • Social media: a lot of people get all the information they have from social media – and the algorithms of social media only serve what people want to hear and see. It would be easy for the social media companies to insert posts with verified information on the state of global warming into everybody’s feed. Lobby the social media companies – also on the top: CEOs, and the Board of Directors, Post on their profiles on whatever social media app you are using. Write letters, emails.

Global heating is bad for business: lobbying the corporate world

Global heating is bad for business. Business needs a stable and plan-able future to flourish. The World needs the business community to get vocal. Big business has more direct access to politics than normal citizens do – the World needs big business to put their weight behind policies that safeguard their business – i.e., policies that guarantee a rapid transition to a fossil-free global infrastructure. We, as individuals, can try businesses to push them there – through lobbying. Write, email, contact the CEO and Board of Directors of any company you can think of, urging them support real climate policies (like a global climate tax). It is more effective – and more fun – if you do that together with friends.

Lobby Politicians

At the end of the day, it is politics that will have to make the decisions. Unfortunately, many politicians seem more interested in power and daily head-lines than actual governing. Lobby your local and national politicians to take real action.

Join a group

There are a lot of groups – small and big – dedicated to implement climate policies. Find one near you, where you feel comfortable. Not everybody needs to throw colour at famous paintings or get arrested for sitting on the streets. There is a role for everybody. And it helps to be among people who share your worries and your hopes.